What people are saying about Karen Michelle Miller's

"Words to Ponder About Life, Love and Men"

 "If I feel alone, anxious or just in need of some comforting and wise words, I will reach for this with a coffee and before I sleep, and I know it will bring me peace."  
                                                                  ~ Rebecca, United Kingdom

 "A go-to book when in need of encouragement or guidance on a day-to-day basis, both for myself and when counseling others.  It is a quick read packed with wisdom and compassion."
                                                                  ~ Diana, Nevada, USA

 "I feel her emotions in my heart and I can relate.  I find myself unable to stop reading these poems."
                                                                  ~ Catharina, California, USA

"Words to Ponder About Life, Love and Men by Karen Michelle Miller is poignant, humorous and inspiring.  She expresses a simple thought so powerfully and it is evident on every page. She is an intriguing poet with great wisdom that should be shared. High praise to Miller on this delightful tome.”
                                                                ~Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest
                                                                  Self-Published Book Awards, 2014